Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy 6 Month Birthday!!

Matthew’s 6 month birthday was yesterday, and he decided to have an all-night party to celebrate. 

He has been struggling with sleeping, and as have we.  To add to his sleeping difficulties, last night, Teo practiced his new learned skill of flipping over to his tummy and not being able to flip back over to his back.     

This caused repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated (you get the idea) bouts of him screaming with a throat wrenching effort because he didn't like being on his tummy, us going into his room, flipping him over to his back, him giving a slight smile with wide awake eyes, and then flipping back over to his tummy before we exited the room, and screaming before we made it back into bed.  He seemed to be having a good time.  We weren’t.

The roosters started crowing, and our last ditch effort for him to sleep was getting the stroller from the car, strapping him in, and rocking him till he fell asleep.  He slept for an hour before waking for the day.  (Couldn’t find the stroller technique in any expert blogs.  But it’s better than what we were about to do to shut down his festivities.)

Thankful for in-laws that were willing to watch Teo and the girls for a couple of hours, giving us some uninterrupted z’s.   If there was anything that I learned from last night, it’s that I’m going to bring out that stroller a bit earlier tonight – at least till he learns how to flip himself back over and learns that nighttime isn’t party time.  

-         Notice the 6 month birthday Phillies gear.  Teo is still representing, but he is not a fan of the Hamels trade.  

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